Faux Marble Finished Slate Fireplace Surround #1

Unassembled Complete Slate Faux Marble Fireplace Surround

19th Century Cast iron fireplace surround #!

19th Century Cast Iron Fireplace Surround w/Iron Summer Cover #2

Small Size Cast Iron Fireplace Surround

Ca. 1890 Center panel of a Lockwood DeForest (Copyright 1884) 3-piece fireback cast by Smith & Anthony Stove Co. Boston, Massachusetts (unrestored) (31 1/2″ W x 32 3/8″ H)

One of a Pair of Ca. 1890 Side Panels of a Lockwood DeForest Design (Copyright 1884) 3-piece fireback cast by Smith & Anthony Stove Co. Boston, Massachusetts(unrestored) 18 3/8″ “W x 32 3/8” H)

1 of the Lockwood de Forest Fireback Panels w/the Surface Lightly Cleaned to Show the Beauty and Intricacy of de Forest’s design


19th Century Cast Iron “Hestia” Fireback #2 (19″w x 19 1/4″ H x 5/8″ T – 43#)


19th Century Cast Iron”Vesta”  Fireback #3 (18 3/4″W x 18 1/2″ H x 1″ T -58#)

One of a Pair of B&H Iron Dragon Andirons

Pair of Brass & Iron Andirons – ON HOLD

Rose Brass Fireplace Andirons – ON HOLD

Pair of Iron Fireplace Andirons

Pair of Iron Fireplace Andirons

18th Century Pair of Small Cast Iron & Brass Andirons

19th Century Figural Andirons

One of a Pair of Bronze Andirons

B&H Fireplace Tool Stand and Tools

19th Century English Coal Hod

19th Century French Bronze Fireplace Screen

Art Deco Wooden Summer Fireplace Screen

Mahogany Fireplace Screen w/Leaded Glass Swivel Panel

19th Century Spun Brass Fireplace Screen

Brass & Iron Fireplace Fender

Oak Barley Twist Fireplace Fender

Summer Cover for Cast Iron Fireplace

19th Century Brass & Iron Fireplace Footman

19th Century Hand-forged 2-Piece Fireplace Trammel

Carrera Marble Fireplace Keystone

Oscar Bach Fireplace Screen w/Sea Motif – SOLD

English Oak Fireplace Fender – SOLD


19th Century Cast Iron Firebacks #1 – SOLD

Very Large 19th Century Forged Iron Fireplace Tool Set – SOLD

Set of Cast Iron Andirons

Gilded Bronze Fireplace Andirons – SOLD

2 Pieces of a 3-Piece Fireback w/Fluer di Lis Motif – SOLD