Barbedienne Framed Stone Plaque Dated 1859

Bronze Plaque of Chariot Racers Cast from Relic Fragment

19th Century Bronze Wall Plaque – Engraved Lovely Woman. God Bless Her! Always the Same —– Never Twice Alike/

English Sampler Dated 1774

Framed Lithophane Panel

Framed Lithophane Panel

Framed Chinese Silk Patch

Framed Chinese Silk Patch

Hand-carved Marble Cabochon

Hand-carved Wood Head of Pan From the Miller Theatre in Wichita (Razed)

Painted Plaster Wall Plaque of Pan from San Francisco theatre

Zinc 3-D Lion Head

Ceramic Tile Picture

Oriental Cloisonne Work Framed in Hand-carved Wood

Panoramic Photo of KU Campus (Copyright 1913) (Potter’s Lake mid-foreground)

Cast Iron Unicorn from an English Pub Sign

Stevengraph “Dick Turpin’s last ride on his Bonnie Black Bess”

Stevengraph “Called To The Rescue”

Stevengraph “The Lady Godiva Procession”

Hand-carved, Hand-painted Wooden Plaque w/Cardinal

Hand-carved, Hand-painted Wooden Farm Scene Plaque

1917 Hand-painted Tile of a Harbor Scene

1917 Hand-painted American Tile of Dutch Harbor Scene

Cast Aluminum Circus Plaque

Ceramic Grotesque Mask

Art Deco Plaque Signed “Oscar B. Bach”

Framed Original Cigar Box Label for Sonny Boy Cigars

Framed Original Cigar Box Label for Engagement Cigars

Ca. 1900 Silhouette of a Woman in a Hat

Hand-painted Cover a a Lady’s Writing Folio

A Pictorial Assemblage of Wooden Decorative Pieces

English Wax Plaque

Glass Plaque w/Painted Farm Scene

WW II USO Poster

Hand-painted School Panel

Framed Wichita Railroad Stock Certificate – SOLD

Hand-carved Plaque of a Dog – SOLD

Hand-carved Wooden Plaque of a Cat – SOLD

Cast Iron Lion From An English Pub Sign – SOLD

Decorative Panel Salvaged from the Miller Theater During Razing – SOLD

Ceramic Grotesque Mask – SOLD

Ceramic Great Dane – SOLD

Papier Mache Recumbent Fawn – SOLD

Framed Pictorial Delft Tiles –SOLD

19th Century 3-Dimensional Cast Plaque – SOLD

Bronze Plaque of Hippocrates – SOLD