Large Hand-carved Wooden Depiction of Maitreya Buddha


Early Bronze Urn Replication of an Antiquity Form


Hand-carved Madonna & Child Santos


Pair of Cast Iron Busts


Nickel plated Figural Statuary Lamp Base


French figural bronze vase – Signed H. Pernot and stamped Bronze/C.Valsuiani Foundry


Bronze Bear Replication After Remington


Armor Bronze Statuary Coin Tray


Armor Bronze Horse Statue


German Statuette From a Swinging Arm Clock


Armor Bronze Bust of Dante


Picault Statue of a French Maid


Picault Statue of a French Gendarme


Bisque Ballerina Statuette


Cast Metal Replica of an Early Urn


Chalk Bedouin Bust


“Horseshoe Art” Cowboy Skier


Wooden Crucifix W/Ceramic Figure of Jesus


Cast Plaster Indian Maiden Mignon


Cast Iron Unicorn from an English Pub Sign


Cast Iron Unicorn from an English Pub Sign – SOLD


Wooden Santos – SOLD


Wooden Santos – SOLD


Terra Cotta Bust of Dante – SOLD


Hercules Statue Lamp Base – SOLD


French bronze - Art -Statuary

French Bronze Statue “Le Minuet” – Sold


Animal statuary – SOLD


Gladendeck bronze Art - Statuary

Gladenbeck Bronze Amazon Stuatuary – SOLD


Armor Bronze “Into the Wind” – SOLD