Large Station Fire House/Fire Wagon lever-action Bell


Eagle Foot Bell for Early Automobile (Mounted in Custom Stand)


Cast Iron Lever-action Doorbell Mounted on a Display Panel


Brass Trolley Bell




Set of Wood Chinese Bells from an Orchestrion


Some of the Desk Bells in Inventory


Sets of Harness Bells on Heavy Leather Belt


Bonze Camel Bells


Graduated Brass Bells


Brass Hotel Bell w/Ashtray


Set of Oxen Yoke Bells


Oxen Yoke Bells & Harness Bells


Oxen Yoke Bells & Carriage Bells


Sets of Brass Harness Bells


Harness Bells


Some of the Desk Bell in Inventory


Cast Iron & Brass Door Bell w/Added Pull – SOLD


African Oghene Bell – SOLD


Set of 34 Brass Sleigh Bells on a Leather Harness Strap – SOLD


Brass Harness Bells on Leather Strap – SOLD