2-Sided Optometrist “Glasses” Sign Mounted on a Board for Display

Very Large Hand-painted Wooden Sign GEO. METZGER & SON

Cast Iron Pocket Watch Double-sided Jeweler’s Sign

Hand-crafted Jewelers Sheet Metal Sign

Hand-painted Menu Board on the Back of H.G. Sherman Sign

H. G. Sherman Land Co. Hand-painted sign on tin (other side of Menu sign)

Hand-painted Store Sign

Hand-painted “Artificial Ice” Wooden Sign

Iron Flying “W” Sign

Neon (orange/green) Ship Sign From Cruise Line Office

Neon (orange/green) Ship Sign From Cruise Line Office (Illuminated)

Brooke Bond Tea enamel sign

Capper’s Farm Protective Service Enamel Sign

Hand-painted Canvas Depicting Meinrath (Wichita KS) Business Structure

Ca. 1930 White Eagle Blunt Nose Glass Gasoline Pump Globe

Ca. 1930 White Eagle Cast Iron Eagle Painted in the Manner of the Case Co.Eagl

French Advertising Scale Model of the Transport Coach Used For Delivery of People and Goods Between Paris and Le Havre

Large Pipe w/Bracket Used as an Advertisement in a Tobacco Shop

Crown Music Hall Light (unrestored) Illuminated

Crown Music Hall Light (unrestored)

Vintage Mobilgas Special Gas Pump Light Lens

Reverse-painted Glass Advertising for Wenke Motor Company

“The Great Majestic” Plaque from Wood Stove Oven Door

2-color Glass Restroom Signs

Advertising Lithographic Printing Stone

Mirror Image of Advertising Lithographic Printing Stone

Cast Aluminum Kansas City Life Insurance Sign

Single Bottle Sign

Early 1900s “Dear Old Red Raven” Sign

Cast Iron Railroad Sign

Pottery Cheavings Water Purifier

¬†Very Large¬† Milk Glass “WELCOME” sign

Painted Milk Glass Selz Shoe Sign Insert

Wooden Spiced Figs barrel

Ca. 1950s Sheet Metal Lighted “Popcorn Bag” Sign

Ca. 1950s Sheet Metal Lighted “Popcorn Bag” Sign (Illuminated)

Papier Mache Stork Sign Holder

Whiteway’s Devon Cyder

Early Buffalo Brewery (Sacramento) Beer Bottle

Reverse Painted Relator’s Sign

Reverse-painted Glass Sign

Bronze Bridge (demolished) Sign

Very Large Iron Sign Bracket

Original Framed Cigar Box Label for Sonny Boy Cigars

Original Framed Cigar Label for Engagement Cigars

Japanese Painted Wooden Fire Warning Sign and Wooden Clacker Warning Signal – SOLD

Handmade Sign from the end of Prohibition – SOLD

Vintage Nutrena Feed Sign – SOLD

Buffalo Brewery (branded) beer keg – SOLD

Painted Glass Office Sign w/Metal Backing- SOLD