Pair of Snow Shoes


Everlast Gym Bike (Un-restored)



KU Interscholastic Track & Field Trophy


Flexible Flyer Sled


Pair of Winchester Ice Skates


Vintage Kick-pedal Scooter


Two-rider wooden sled


Hand-made hornbeam tree storage bin

Pool Cues & Wooden Shaft Golf Clubs



Wood Shaft Golf Clubs


High Wheel Bike Made From Assembled Parts (For Display Only -not rideable)



“Make Do” Sheet Metal Canadian Goose Decoy


Painted Canvas Canadian Goose Decoy


Everlast Cast Iron Frame Exercise Bike


MacGregor Goldsmith Dixie Walker Professional Model Glove


Dayton Tennis Racquet w/Steel Strings


Traditional Dart Board Pattern on 2-sided Dart Board


Baseball Game Pattern on 2-sided Dart Board


“Horseshoe Art” Cowboy Skier


Large Ice Fishing Weight – SOLD


Blue Heron “Confidence Decoy” – SOLD


Pair of Large Wooden Juggling Pins – SOLD


Wooden sled w/Swan Rope Pulls – SOLD


Sterling silver shooting trophy – SOLD


Pair of Wooden Dumbbells – SOLD


Mechanical Football Kicker Toy – SOLD