Folk art Model  of  the Famous “General” Civil War Locomotive


19th Century Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Eave Panel


One of Pair of Hand-crafted Masonic Lodge Pillars of Solomon (Celestial) (Terrestrial not shown)


Advertising Scale Model of the Transport Coach Used For Delivery of People and Goods Between Paris and Le Havre


White Eagle Oil Co. Cast Iron Eagle Painted in the Manner of a Case Eagle


White Eagle Oil Co. Milk Glass Blunt Nose Eagle Pump Light


Hand-carved Wooden “Hands of Friendship” Plaque


Hand-carved Wooden Indian Hatchet


Hand-crafted Model of a WWII Stearman  Navy Trainer Airplane


Folk Art Steamroller


Folk Art Pond Boat


Hand-carved wooden head of Pan Salvaged From the Wichita Miller Theater (Razed)


Painted Plaster Pan Wall Plaque from San Francisco Theater


19th Century Oval Box w/Hand-painted Figural Lid


Folk Art Iron Thunderbird (a single bullet hole)


19th Century Hand-carved Eagle Armorial Crest


Hand-carved Eagle Stern Board


Hand-made Sheet Metal 33rd Degree Mason Emblem


Folk Art Iron Boot Scraper


Hand-carved/Hand-colored Folk Art Wooden Relief panel (Maker’s Information on the Back)


Copper & Zinc Eagle Weather Vane


Graniteware Rooster Weather Vane w/Hand-made Directionals


Unusual “Early Bird Gets The Worm”  Cast Iron Brackets


Papier Mache Bird


Swisher-Soules Metal 2-Sided Owl Decoy


Cast Iron Eagle Architectural Embellishment


Hand-painted Canvas Canadian Goose Decoy


Hand-carved, Hand-painted Duck Decoy


Hand-carved Primitive Duck Decoy


Hand-carved Duck Decoy


“Make-Do” Sheet Metal Goose Decoy


Very Unusual Turkey-form food mold


Hand-crafted Wooden Birdhouse


Terra Cotta Birdhouse (Signed)


Folk Art Wooden Birdhouse w/Tin Roof


Hand-made Sheet Metal Birdhouse


Hand-crafted Log Cabin Bird House


Hand-crafted Log Cabin Bird House

Hand-crafted Multi-port Bird House


Rustic Hand-crafted Birdhouse


Hand-crafted Primitive Bird House


Hand-made Art Deco Wooden Summer Fireplace Screen


19th Century Storage Cabinet


19th Century Stoneware Jar w/Later Applied Decal


Small Hanging Cabinet Folk Art Corner Cabinet


Hand-crafted Wooden Box w/Lid


Hand-painted Pyrography Box Dated Oct 8, 1907


Hand-made Pipe & Display Bracket


Hand-painted Diner Menu Board


One of a Kind Store Sign


Hand Painted Wooden Sign


Hand=painted Meinrath Brokerage Co. Advertisement on Canvas


Hand-carved Santos of Mary & Jesus


Hand-carved Santos of Mary & Jesus


Hand-painted Retablos of Mary & Jesus on Tin


Hand-painted Angel Retablos on Tin


Hand-painted Angel Retablos on Tin


Hand-carved/Hand-colored Folk Art Wooden Relief panel


Hand-made Weather Vane Banner Honoring  the French-African Campaign of 1907


Sheet Metal Cow Weather Vane


Sheet Metal Horse Silhouette


Pair of Chrome-plated Bronze Oxen


Fairbury Bull Windmill Counterweight Painted as a Hereford


Cast Ion Folk Painted Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight


Cast Iron Fairbury Bull Windmill Counterweight


Custom-painted Elgin Rooster Windmill Counterweight


Custom-painted Cast Iron Rooster Windmill Weight w/Mounting Box Removed


Football-shaped Windmill Counterweight


Mechanical Turtle Spittoon


Mechanical Turtle Spittoon (Open View)


Hand-made Wooden Plaque w/Cat Motif


Hand-made Wooden Plaque w/Dog Motif

African Knobkerrie w/Spherical End


African Knobkerrie w/Carved Head


African Knobkerrie in the Shape of a Spear Head


Large Wooden Model of a Compass Used For Training


Huge Folk Art Sheet Metal Display Pitcher


Grotesque Ceramic Wall Mask


Hand-crafted Sterling Silver Desk Frame from Mexico


Primitive Hand-made Wagon


Folk Art Ceramic Skull


Iron Leg Wagon Seat Covered in Cowhide


Circus Wagon Plaque w/Cast Iron Head


Circus Wagon Plaque w/Cast Iron Head


Cast Iron Figural Boot Scrape


Pair of wooden pedestals


Hand-carved, European “Fairing Cookie” Mold




“Horseshoe Art” Cowboy Skier


Pair of Mounted Steer Horns


Set of Mounted Alaskan Moose Antlers



Hand-made Twig Side Table


Hand-painted School Plaque


Cast Iron Rooster on Stake – SOLD


Hand-made Cow Horn Hat Rack w/Tooled Leather – SOLD

Hand-painted Retablos of Mary, Jesus & Angels – SOLD


Hand-carved, Hand-painted Horse Head from a C. W. Parker Carousel – SOLD


Blue Heron “Confidence Decoy” – SOLD


Hand-painted Prohibition Sign – SOLD


Wooden Santos – SOLD


Wooden Santos – SOLD


Very Large Hamburg Rooster Weathervane – SOLD

African Knobkerrie w/Shaped Iron Knob


19th Century Wooden Works Tall Clock Face – SOLD


Ca. 1930s Hand-made Wooden Monopoly Board (includes all the other pieces necessary to play the game) – SOLD


Grotesque Ceramic Wall Mask – SOLD


3 Sizes of Cast Iron Frogs – SOLD


Mounted Half-hull of the Fair Belle Ship – SOLD


Hand-carved, Hand-colored Souvenir Bowl – SOLD


Austrian Garden Wagon – SOLD


Cast Iron Eagle Windmill Weight Mounted on a Custom Base – SOLD


“W” Althouse-Wheeler Windmill Weight Mounted on a Custom-made Board – SOLD


Folk Art Toy Train – SOLD


Pair of corbels from India – SOLD


Desk Bell w/Wooden Base Decorated by Pyrography – SOLD


19th century gold-leafed weathervane eagle – SOLD


Folk art garden gate – SOLD


Very Large Black Forest Hunting Theme fFgural Carving – SOLD


Pair of large corbels from India – SOLD


Chip-carved Wooden Humidor – SOLD


Hand-carved C. W. Parker Carousel Horse Head on Custom Mount – SOLD


Hand-made River Rock Planter – SOLD


Folk art Indian elephant – SOLD


Hand-made Rooster Weather Vane on a Custom Mount – SOLD


Folk Art Table w/Name (COY) Insert – SOLD


Cast Iron Parrot Nutcracker – SOLD


Full-size Cast Iron Nesting Hen – SOLD


19th Century Copper & Zinc Weathervane w/Original Gold Leaf Gilding – SOLD


Folk Art Hand Forged Caduceus Sign for a Doctor’s Office


Sheet Metal Horse Weathervane – SOLD


Large Cast Iron Horse – SOLD