19th Century Hanging Pie Safe


Walnut Pie Safe w/Punched Tin Panels


19th Century Food Cabinet w/Punched Tin Door Panel


19th Century Pine Bucket Bench


Hand-crafted Twig Stand


Large Maple Chopping Block on Turned Legs


Oak Child’s High Chair w/Pressed Design Crest Rail


Walnut Desk Letter Box


Walnut Wall Rack w/Decorative Panel Insert


Iron Leg Wagon Seat Covered in Cowhide


Wooden Drapery Rods


Pennsylvania 18th Century Hand-forged Utensil Rack


Pine Candle Box

18th Century Pine Candle Box


19th Century Lattice Work Wall Pocket


19th Century Lattice Work Wall Pocket


One of a Pair of Aesthetic Period Ebonized Wood Wall Shelves


German Painted Glass Decorative Plaque



Maple Clock Shelf


Round Wall Mirror w/Walnut Frame


19th Century Firkin


Large 2-Piece Wooden Food Press


Some of the Baskets in Inventory


Woven Wood Fruit Basket


Hand-carved Butter Mold


Butter Mold w/Leaf Motif


Swan and Rooster Butter Molds

Butter Molds w/Hand-carved Swan & Rooster


Large Hand-carved Double Sided Figural Wooden Cake Board


Unusual Turkey Mold


Chocolate Molds

Pair of Chocolate Molds


Very Large 2-Piece Pewter Egg-shaped Ice Cream Mold


Pewter Ice Cream Molds


Cast Iron Pig Food Mold


Graniteware Coffee Pot w/Berry Motif


Graniteware Coffee Pot w/Water Bird Motif


Graniteware Coffee Pot w/Heron Motif


Roseville Pitcher w/Cow


Indurated Fiber Pitcher


Cast Iron Milk Pitcher


Blue Granite Ware Buckert


19th Century Copper Tea Kettle



Swirl Pottery Bowl


19th Century Crock w/Cobalt Decoration


Pottery Jug w/Applied Handle


Hand-hewn Stone Bowl



“Spray” Blue & White Pottery Trivet


Crockery Mixing Bowl


Hand-forged Fireplace Trammel


19th Century Brass Chestnut Roaster


Brass Top Cast Iron Fireplace Footman

19th Century Brass Top Cast Iron Fireplace Footman


Brass Swing Arm Fireplace Crane

Brass & Wood Fireplace Trivet


Table-mount Iron Nutcracker


Tin Food Canister


Sheet Metal Food Cabinet


Cast Iron Trivet


19th Century (walnut, maple, pine) Yarn Winder Multi-wood


Walnut Folding Bootjack


Small Lingerie Washboard


Formed Sheet Metal Spice Box w/Spice Tins Inside



19th Century Brass Pan w/Forged Iron Handle


One of a Pair of Forged Iron Hanging Candle Holders



19th Century Hand-made Coverlet & Maple Quilt Rack

Galvanize Metal Bushel Basket


Blue Graniteware Bucket


One of Several Pressed Metal Embossed Chargers Available


19th Century Pewter Plate


19th Century Brass Scoop


19th Century Brass Trivet w/Wooden Handle


Tennessee Potter Churn w/Original Dasher


Pair of Cast Iron Stool Supports


One of Several Available Cast Iron “Snow Birds


Stone Warmer


Large Hand-hewn Wooden Bowl – SOLD


Roseville “Iris” Pitcher – SOLD


Wooden Bowls & Scoop

Wooden Bowls & Scoop – SOLD


19th Century Cutlery┬áTray – SOLD


Large French Inside Glazed Pottery Mixing Bowl – SOLD


Array of Stone Fruit – SOLD


Very Large Hand-hewn Wooden Bowl – SOLD

Brass Spice Grinder – SOLD


Pair of Punched Tin Doors From a Pie Safe

Pair of Punched Tin Doors From a Pie Safe – SOLD


Hand-made hornbeam tree storage bin – SOLD


Pair of Maastricht Bowls – SOLD


19th Century Missouri Walnut Pie Cabinet – SOLD


3 Pewter Chargers – SOLD


French Tole Foot Bath – SOLD


Folk Art Table w/COY Name in the Lower Shelf – SOLD