Hand-crafted Iron Thunderbird Symbol


Elgin Rooster Windmill Counterweight


Elgin Rooster Windmill Weight w/o Mounting Box


Elgin Rooster Windmill Counterweight

Cast Iron Hummer Windmill Weight


Custom Painted Fairbury Windmill Counterweight in the Manner of a Hereford Bull


Cast Iron Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight


Folk Painted Cast Iron Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight


Hubley Cast Iron Monkey Doorstop


Greenblatt Studios “Comical Dog” Cast Iron Doorstop


Cast Iron Kramer (signed) Rabbit Doorstop or Garden Decoration


Cast Iron Hubley Terrier Doorstop


Hubley Cast Iron Cat Doorstop


Cast Iron Setter Doorstop


Large Painted Cast Iron Bssket of Flowers Doorstop


Smaller Painted Cast Iron Basket of Flowers Doorstop


Painted Cast Iron Colonial Woman Doorstop


19th Century Zinc & Copper Weathervane Eagle



Folk Art Sheet Metal Cow Weathervane


Hand-made Weathervane Banner Emblematic of the 1907 French Campaign in Africa


Molded Sheet Metal Pig Weathervane


Cast Iron Witch on a Broom Bootscrape


Folk Art Sheet Metal Rooster Bootscrape


18th Century Hand-forged Wall Rack


Cast Iron Camel Sink Bracket


19th Century J.L. Mott Cast Iron Horse Head Hitching Post


Early 1900s Patented Cast Iron & Sheet Metal Spittoon w/Original Insert


Cast Iron Top Hat Form Spittoon


Unusual bird form iron decorative pieces

Unusual bird form iron decorative pieces


Swisher-Soules 2-sided Metal Owl Decoy


“Make-Do” Sheet Metal Goose Decoy


Sheet metal 33rd Degree Mason emblem


Estate Stove Co. Griddle – (32″ x 20″ – 27 1/2″ x 17″ cooking surface)


Cast Iron Ruffled Mane Lion Head Fountain Spout


Cast Iron  Lionine Head Fountain Spout


Cast Iron Woodpecker Match Dispenser

Cast Iron Woodpecker Match Dispenser


Cast Iron Cream Bottle for Filling Space for Broken Glass Bottle


REX Cigar Tin Lithographed Tray


19th Century Hand-made Jail House Lock & Key



Very Large Pewter Easter Egg Mold


Collection of Pewter Ice Cream Molds


Pewter Rotary Club Ice Cream Mold


Pewter Stork/Baby Ice Cream Mold


Small Pewter Measures



Copper Laboratory Still



Cast Iron Pig Food Mold



Tin Storage Container w/Original Lid


18th Century Hand-forged Chest Lock & Key


Spring-loaded Push Pancake Batter Dispenser


Pair of Chocolate Molds


Cast Iron Pitcher

Cast Iron Pitcher


Brass Top Cast Iron Fireplace Footman

Brass Top Cast Iron Fireplace Footman


Copper Flask-like Container w/Heraldic Seal & Original Brass Screw Cap


Copper Boot Manufacturer’s Mold


Painted Cast Iron Dog Head  From a Mercantile String Dispenser



Black Powder Metal Barrel w/Original Screw Cap


Formed-metal Paraffin Container w/Original Stopper


3 Very Unusual Cast Iron “Early Bird Gets The Worm” Brackets


Brass Swinging, Adjustable Fireplace Crane


3-Piece Cast Iron Wall Shelf



Cast Iron Squirrel Nutcracker


Huge Folk Art Sheet Metal Pitcher



Cast Iron Trivet


19th Century Iron Waffle Iron



19th Century Brass Chestnut Roaster



Brass Fireplace Trivet


19th Century Brass Pan w/Forged Iron Handle



Huge Hand-forged Iron Circus Chain w/1″x1″x8″ Links



Large Hand-forged Iron Chain


Primitive nickel plated brass oxen


Ca. 1911 English Cast Iron Bank (Sydenham & McOustra)


Cast Iron Elephant Bank


Boss Tweed Tammany Hall Mechanical Bank


Brass “Doughboy Hat” Bank w/ Eldorado Ks Bank Plaque


Very Large, Hand-made Lock & Key


Cast Iron “Snow Bird” w/mount


Missouri Plug Tobacco Press


Missouri Plug Tobacco Press


One of Several Available Cast Iron “Snow Birds”


19th Century Hand-made Chest Lock & Key


19th Century Hand-made (Signed) Copper Ladle


Strap Iron & Copper Christmas Tree Stand



Cast Iron Lighted Christmas Tree Stand



19th Century Hand-made Door Lock


Cast Iron Terrier Doorstop

Cast Iron Terrier Doorstop – SOLD


Republic Bank Cast Iron Bank – SOLD


Cast Iron Terrier Doorstop – SOLD


Brass-plated Steel Milk Can – SOLD


Cast Iron Frogs Assorted Sizes – SOLD


Cast Iron Frog – SOLD


Painted Iron Goose on a Painted Sheet Metal Pedestal – SOLD


Cast Iron & Brass Hubley Parrot Doorstop – SOLD


Cast Iron Scottie Doorstop – SOLD


19th Century Hand-forged Iron Caduceus Sign for Doctor’s Office or Hospital – SOLD


Full-size Cast Iron Rooster Doorstop – SOLD


19th Century Rooster Weathervane – SOLD


Cast Iron Eagle Windmill Weight Mounted on a Custom Pedestal – SOLD


19th Century Full-bodied Eagle Weathervane Retaining Most of its Original Gold Leaf – SOLD


Althouse-Wheeler “W” Windmill Weight Mounted on a Custom Made Panel – SOLD


Custom Painted Cast Iron Hitching Post Horse Head- SOLD


Large Cast Iron Horse – SOLD


Large Copper Kettle on Forged Iron Stand – SOLD