Hand-carved Shovel From a Single Piece of Wood

Wooden Shovel w/Iron & Wood Handle

Iron Wheel Baggage Hand Truck

Iron Wheel Baggage Hand Truck

European Wooden Farm Wagon

Forged Iron Weed Whip

Hand-made Sheet Metal Scoop Shovel

Large Hand-forged Augur

Hand-forged Mercantile “Sugar Devil” Augur

Hand-forged Froe

16″ Boat Pilot’s Wheel

Wooden Cigar Making Press

Carved Wooden Mold for Making Decorative Plaster Moulding

Hand-made Wood Flax Cutter

Hand-crafted Flax Hetchel w/forged spikes

Large Primitive Food Ricer

Distance Measuring “Clicker” Wheel

Bookbinder’s Embossing Tool w/Curly Maple Handle

Forged Iron “Toaster” w/Primitive Wooden Handle & Brass Tongs

General Store “Grabber” Tool

Brass Hand Air Pump

Wheeled wooden store ladder

Night Parade Torch

Solid Brass Mallet

Large Fire Hose Nozzle

Fire Fighting Equipment (Gamewell Fire Box (complete), 2 Large Brass Nozzles (1 Eureka), Buffalo Copper/Brass Fire Extinguisher (ECNARUSNI), New Departure Mfg. Co. Firehouse/Fire Wagon Bell) (~ 60#), Fyr Fyter Brass Hand-held Extinguisher

Hand-crafted Bronze Mason’s Tool w/Maker’s Marks

Maple Cooper’s Mallet

3 Hand-made Wooden Tools

Luthier’s Wooden Clamp System

Set of Piano Tuning Clamps

Primitive Wooden Hay Fork

Forged Iron Hoe w/Primitive Tree Branch Handle

Top Portion of a 9′ Hand-crafted Manual Fruit Picker

Buggy Whip

Apothecary Mortar and Pestles

Collection of Vintage Ice Cream Scoops

Back Label on Mclaren’s Square Ice Cream Scoop

Ceramic Laboratory Dispenser w/Cast Iron Wall Mount

Copper Laboratory Still

Riding Boot Shoe Tree

Walnut Folding Boot Jack

Copper Form Used in Manufacturing Rubber Overshoes

Cigar Store Counter Top Pirate Motif Lighter

Cigar Store Counter Top Lever Action Lighter

Cast Iron Book Press

Pancake Batter Dispenser w/Spring-loaded Pusher

Early Paraffin Can w/Original Stopper

Table-mount Iron Nutcracker

Brass Tire Pump

Forged Branding Irons

Iron/bronze branding irons

Ca. 1900 Champion Table-mount mechanical corkscrew

Forged Iron Fireplace Waffle Maker

English Postal Scale w/Weights

Graduated Set of Wooden Dry Measures

Brass & Forged Iron Hanging Scale

Black Powder Barrel w/Original Screw Cap

Very Large Forged Iron Chain (links are 1″x1″x8″ each)

Huge Hand-forged Iron Chain w/1″x1″x 8″ Links

Limestone Printers Block

Mirror Image of Limestone Printers Block

3-Piece Wooden Hatmaker’s Mold

4-piece Hatmakers Mold


Winery Cast Iron Cork Press w/embossed grapes

Cast Iron Ball Horse Tether

Mechanical Store Cheese Wedge Slicer – SOLD

Bakelite Trouble/Safety Light – SOLD

One Piece of a 3 Part Propeller Clamp – SOLD

One Piece of a 3 Part Propeller Clamp – SOLD

One Piece of a 3 Part Propeller Clamp – SOLD