The Eclectiques inventory has been personally acquired one item at a time from sources all across the country over more than 30 years based on the criteria of buying what we liked. The early emphasis was on furniture, but broadened over the years to include almost every category of antiques. Most of the inventory dates from the 19th and early 20th century time period, but we also have some items earlier and later.


Eclectiques is a portmanteau word developed to capture the wide diversity of antiques that we offer. Taking the word eclectics and changing the second c to que from antiques retained the phonetic pronunciation of eclectics and added the antiques flavor.


Electiques has established a clientele base primarily by working with interior designers and decorators and building a reputation by referral from one customer to another. This web site is the first time we have shown our inventory outside of an onsite visit to our store. We hope you will find some interesting things on this site that will encourage visiting our store and having an opportunity to see them in person. A visit to our store will also provide and opportunity to provide more detailed information about each item and answer any questions that you might have.


We specialize in antiques that are ready for the home. Some items were already in excellent condition when acquired, others have been refurbished or restored and are ready for delivery. Some we have left in the original condition in which they were acquired and an awaiting restoration to the purchasers desires. We have complete restoration services available and can restore or refurbish any item to the level desired. One specialty is lighting that is available completely restored and ready for installation or use. In addition to restoring antique lighting, we have also fabricated custom fixtures for clients.


Because much of our time is spent working in the restoration workrooms, it isn’t for us to operate as with regular open business hours. We are at the shop almost every day, but often we are involved in restoration projects off the gallery floors. We are happy to have anyone with an interest in antiques to visit our shop when someone is at the shop and we will happily take the time to show you around or let you browse. However, it is best to call first and make sure that we are here before you make the trip. However, if you happen to be in the area and just want to take a chance, there is a “buzzer” at the front door you can use to let us know you are here.