Very Large 19th Century Copper Hamburg Weathervane Rooster – SOLD

Very Large Copper Chef’s Stock Pot w/spigot – ParkLand Hotel Piccadilly, London

Very Large Copper Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail (Polished)

Large Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail (As Found)

Very Large Copper Milk Pail w/Iron Bail and Original Lid

Large Copper Pail w/ Forged Iron Handle (as found)

Copper Pail w/ Forged Iron Handle

French Wood Handled Copper Escargot Pan

18th Century English Copper Food Mold (Signed W N)

Turks Head Copper Mold

19th Century Copper Mold

Copper Flask-like Container w/Heraldic Seal & Original Brass Screw Cap

Copper Laboratory Still

Unusual WC Water Reservoir w/Sight Window for Monitoring Water Level

Pair of Signed (JA) Hammered Copper Candlesticks

Early Craftsman Studios Hammered Copper Bowl (Signed w/ CS mark)

Craftsman Studios Hammered Copper Tray (Signed Craftsman Studios)

Egyptian Motif Copper Clad Ceramic Lamp Base

Copper Candy Kettle w/Iron Handles

English Samovar w/Brass Handles & Spigot (WilliamBurton)

Revere Arts & Crafts Copper Bowl

French Copper Daubiere w/Dovetail Construction (EWM Mark)

Large round bottom Dovetailed Copper Pot

19th Century Copper Teakettle

Handled Copper Drink Warmer

Heintz Art Metal Shop (HAMS) Desk Set

Large Copper Architectural Light

Copper and Amber Glass Entry Lights

Very Large Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail – SOLD

Pair of 1934 Rodden (SIGNED) Bookends – SOLD

One of a Pair of Copper Pots w/Dovetailed Construction – SOLD

Large copper pan w/brass handles – SOLD

Very large commercial copper pot – SOLD

Tin lined copper pan – SOLD

Copper Candy Kettle w/Iron Handles and Dovetail Construction – SOLD

19th Century Copper Teapot – SOLD

Copper Centerpiece – SOLD

Copper-clad Cabinet – SOLD

2-Piece Copper Lavabo – SOLD