Hat & Coat Stand Made on a Kansas Flint Hills Ranch

Adjustable Western Theme Shaving Stand w/Horseshoe Mirror and Horseshoe Platform

Big Horn Saddle

Leather Saddle Bags

Rawhide Lariat

Iron/bronze branding irons

Bronze Numbered Branding Irons

Iron Flying “W” Sign

Pair of Mounted Steer Horns

Mounted Moose Antlers from Alaska

Large Set of Elk Antlers

Indian Chief Ceramic Wall Pocket

Pair of Bronze Indian Chief Bookends

One of a Pair of Solid Bronze Indian Chief Bookends

One of a Pair of Copper-plated Indian Chief Bookends

Ceramic Indian Maid

Papier Mache Indian Chief on a Hide-covered Panel

Vintage Hand-carved Horn Match Holder w/Indian Motif

Ceramic Table-top Cigar Store Indian

2-Piece Native American Stone Grain Grinder

Hand-carved Hatchet w/Decorative Details

Hand-crafted Iron Thunderbird Symbol

Embossed Print of a Cowboy

Cast Aluminum Circus Cowboy Plaque

Horseshoe Art Cowboy Skier

19th Century Pine Saloon Table

Bronze Bear Statue (after Remington)

Armor Bronze Horse Statue

One of a Pair of Armor Bronze “End of the Trail” Bookends

Single Armor Bronze “End of the Trail” Bookend

Pair of Plated Primitive Cast Iron Oxen

Sheet Metal Profile of a Wild Horse

Fairbury Windmill Counterweight s/Hereford Bull Markings

Fairbury Windmill Counterweight Painted

Cow Profile Weathervane

Black & White Print of a Pair of Horses Spooked by Lightning

J. L. Mott Cast Iron Horse Head Hitching Post

Folk Art Painted Fairbury Bull Windmill Weight


Cast Iron Wall-mount Stable TackĀ Rack


J. L. Mott Wood & Cast Iron Tack RackĀ (repainted cast iron)

Iron Leg Wagon Seat Covered in Cowhide

Walnut Folding “Stand-up” Bootjack

Primitive Walnut Bootjack

Original Watercolor (Artist Signed) – SOLD

Original Watercolor (Artist Signed) – SOLD

Cast Iron Horse – SOLD

Mounted Caribou Antlers from Alaska – SOLD

Cow Horn Hat Rack w/Leather Covered Panel – SOLD

Custom Painted Horse Head Hitching Post – SOLD

““Armor Bronze Statue “into the Wind” – SOLD