Large Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail (polished)

Large Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail

Large Copper Kettle w/Iron Bail (As Found)

English Piccadilly Hotel London Kitchen Stock Pot w/Spigot

Large Round Bottom Dovetailed Copper Pot

19th Century Very Large Copper Mold

19th Century Copper Teakettle

19th Century Copper Teakettle

Copper Candy Kettle

Copper Turk’s Head Food Mold

French Wood Handle Copper Escargot Pan

English (HALLMARKED) Copper Mold

English Copper & Brass Samovar (William Burton)

Revere Arts & Crafts Copper Bowl

Pair of Hammered Copper Candlesticks

Copper Flask-like Container w/Heraldic Seal & Original Brass Screw Cap

Roycroft (Marked) Hammered Copper Crumber Set

Array of Copper Desk Accessories

Copper Laboratory Still

Hubley Cast Iron Monkey Doorstop

Terrier Cast Iron Doorstop

Cast Iron Setter Doorstop

Hubley Recumbent Cat Cast Iron Doorstop

Greenblatt “Comical Dog” Cast Iron Doorstop

Flower Basket Cast Iron Doorstop

Colonial Woman Cast Iron Doorstop

Coach Cast Iron Doorstop

Brass Swiss Guard Door Porter

Brass Door Porter

Cast Iron Door Porter

19th Century Pewter Coffee Pot

19th Century Pewter Tea Pot

19″ Pewter Charger Date 1758

Pewter Hot Water Bottle

Oriental Pewter Tea Pot w/Jade & Coral Accents

19th Century Pewter Center Bowl


19th Century Pewter Plate

Pewter (Hallmarked) Drinking Mug

Pewter Stein w/Figural Lid Lever

Sterling silver teapot w/bone accents

Sterling Silver 3-candle Candelabra

Pair of Weighted Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Silver Dressing Table Mirror

Silver KU Interscholastic Track & Field Trophy

Silver Plate Irish Potato Bowl w/Wooden Insert

Sterling Silver Porringer

Whiting & Davis Sterling Silver Bud Vase

English (Hallmarked) Silver Plate Meat Cover

Some of the Sterling and Plated Silver Napkin Rings

Some of the Sterling and Plated Silver Napkin Rings

Silver Crest Patinated Bronze Tray (Marked)

Tiffany Bronze Tray (Marked)

Tiffany (Marked) Gilt Bronze Tray

Heintz Art Metal Shop (MARKED HAMS) Sterling on Bronze Box

Heintz Art Metal Shop (MARKED HAMS) Sterling on Bronze 12 piece Desk Set

Heintz Art Metal Shop Sterling on Bronze Desk Set

Art Nouveau Cast Metal Humidor

DAR Bronze Plaque

Bronze & Copper Tazza

Pair of Pompeii Bronze Candlesticks

B&H Bronze Lincoln Bust Tray

Brass B&H tray

Brass Planter w/Three Brass Feet

Brass Floor Stand Wine Cooler

One of a Pair of Large Brass 19-Candle Candelabras

Brass Tobacco Humidor

Art Deco Hand Wrought Continental S. VISAKAY Cocktail Shaker

Brass Floor Stand Wine Cooler

Brass Pot w/Fixed Handle

Brass Horn for a Floor Victrola

Zinc Lion Embellishment

Cast Iron Christmas Tree Holder w/Lights

Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand

Brass Shoe Store Stand

Brass Grille

Brass Grille

Oriental Patinated Iron Tea Pot

Early Cast Iron Wine Cork Press w/grape motif

Hanging Iron Rack

Cast Iron Figural Bar Foot Rail

Cast Iron Profile of Abraham Lincoln

J. L.Mott Cast Iron & Mahogany Stable Wall-mount Tack Rack

Wagner “O” Size Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Pair of Cast Iron Stool Supports

Pair of Cast Iron Stool Supports

One of a Set of Cast 4 Iron Stool Legs w/Lion Motif

One of a Set of 3 Cast Iron Footstool Legs w/Eagle Motif

Cast Iron Figural Boot Scrape

Cast Iron Figural Boot Scraper

Cast Iron “Witch on a Broom” Boot Scraper

Cast Aluminum Carnival Mask

Cast Bronze Oscar Bach “Ram” Charger

Vintage Portrait Serving Tray

“Coolerator” Ice CubeĀ Cutter

Pair of French Enamel House Number Signs

Pair of French Enameled Metal House Number Sign

Cast Iron Wall-mount Stable Wall-mount Tack Rack – SOLD

Gilt Bronze Tiffany Desk Vessel (Marked) – SOLD

Pair of 1934 Rodden (MARKED) Mask Bookends – SOLD

Pair of Small Bronze Bowls – SOLD

Hand-crafted Tray w/Landscape from Mexico – SOLD

Cast Iron Bullfrog Doorstop – SOLD

Cast Iron Bullfrog Doorstop – SOLD

Cast Iron Bullfrog Doorstop – SOLD

Aluminum World’s fair cocktail shaker – SOLD

Cast Iron Door Letter Slot – SOLD

Cast Iron Figural Scale Weight – SOLD

Cast Iron Terrier Doorstop – SOLD

Dovetailed Copper Pan w/Iron Handle – SOLD

Large copper pan w/brass handles – SOLD

Copper Pan w/Cast Brass Handles – SOLD

Large Brass Gong – SOLD

19th Century Polished Copper Candy Kettle w/Iron Handles- SOLD

2-Piece French Lavabo – SOLD

Store Coffee Bean Dispenser

Store Coffee Bean Dispenser – SOLD

Very large commercial copper pot – SOLD

Sterling silver shooting trophy – SOLD

Large Cast Iron Rooster Doorstop – SOLD

Hubley Parrot on a Perch Doorstop – SOLD

Very Large Copper Hamburg Rooster Weathervane – SOLD

Aluminum Champagne Ice Bucket –SOLD

Hand-crafted Iron and Sheet Metal Rooster Weathervane – SOLD

19th Century Copper Eagle Weathervane w/Zinc Head & Feet and gold Leaf – SOLD

Cast Iron Scottie Doorstop – SOLD

Hollow Body Zinc Rooster Weathervane – SOLD

Three Large Pewter Chargers – SOLD

Art Deco Railcar Sleeper Berth Towel Holder – SOLD

Large Copper Pot w/Lid – SOLD

2-Piece French Copper Lavabo Mounted on a Walnut Panel – SOLD