Thai Spirit House

Hand-crafted Wooden Birdhouse

Terra Cotta Birdhouse (signed)

Hand-crafted Wooden Birdhouse w/Tin Roof

Hand-crafted Sheet Metal and Wood Birdhouse

Hand-crafted Multi-port Birdhouse

Primitive Wooden Birdhouse

Cast Iron “Flying Witch on a Broom” Boot Scraper)

Folk Art Sheet Metal Rooster Boot Scraper

Galvanized Watering Can

Cast Iron Nuydea Wood Duck Sprinkler w/o Sprinkler Head

Cast Iron Mallard Duck Drake Sprinkler w/Original Paint

Cast Iron Alligator Sprinkler

Copper & Zinc Eagle Weather Vane

19th Century Copper Weather Vane Eagle w/Gold Leaf Remnants and Verdigris Patina

Hand-painted Granite Ware Rooster Weathervane

Hand-painted Ceramic Rooster

Sheet Metal Cow Profile Weathervane

Wrought Iron Decorative Iron Sculpture w/Floral Motif

Cast Iron Garden Table adapted to hold a Hibachi

John H. Dodson (w/Tag) Birdhouse – SOLD

Swisher Soules Owl Decoy – SOLD

Cast Iron Frog – SOLD

Cast Iron Figural Boot Scraper w/Brush Brackets – SOLD

Hand-crafted Wooden Birdhouse SOLD

Hand-crafted Wooden Log Cabin Birdhouse SOLD

Hand-crafted Wooden Log Cabin w/Shingled Roof SOLD

Rare Hollow Kramer Cast Iron Rabbit (Marked KRAMER BROS FDY DAYTON on the inside of the casting)) – SOLD

Cast Iron Rooster on an Iron Stake – SOLD

Cast Iron Rabbit – SOLD

Nuydea frog sprinkler – SOLD

Galvanized Garden Sprinkler w/Copper Spray Head – SOLD

Galvanized Garden Sprinkler – SOLD

Hand-wrought Iron Goose on Sheet Metal Pedestal – SOLD