19th Century New England Hanging Pie Safe

Walnut Pie Safe w/Punched Tin Panels

19th Century Food Cabinet w/Punched Tin Door Panel

9-Drawer Table-top Cabinet

Oak Child’s High Chair w/Pressed Design Crest Rail

Walnut Dovetailed Partner’s Desk Letter Box

Walnut Wall Rack w/Decorative Panel Insert

Iron Leg Wagon Seat Covered in Cowhide

Turned Wood Drapery Rods

Pennsylvania 18th Century Hand-forged Utensil Rack

Selection of Stone Fruit

18th Century Pine Candle Box

19th Century Lattice Work Wall Pocket

19th Century Lattice Work Wall Pocket

19th Century Walnut Organ Top Used as a Wall Shelf

One of a Pair of Aesthetic Period Ebonized Wood Wall Shelves

German Painted Glass Decorative Plaque

Maple Clock Shelf

Round Wall Mirror w/Walnut Frame

19th Century Firkin

Large 2-Piece Wooden Food Press

Some of the Baskets in Inventory

Woven Wood Fruit Basket

Scandinavian bird for wooden ale bowl

Scandinavian bird form wooden ale bowl

19th Cen. Maple Dough Bowl (21″ x 13 1/2)

Hand-carved Butter Mold

Butter Mold w/Leaf Motif

Swan and Rooster Butter Molds

Butter Molds w/Hand-carved Swan & Rooster

Hand-crafted Wooden Butter Stamp w/Rooster Motif

Very Unusual “Turkey” Food Mold

Hand-carved Wooden Animal Cookie Board

Hand-carved Wooden Ship Cookie Board

Hand-carved Wooden Ship Cookie Board

European Very Large “Fairing Cookie” Mold

European Very Large “Fairing Cookie” Mold

Hand-crafted Double-sided Cake Board (Side A)

Hand-crafted Double-sided Cake Board (Side B)

Hand-crafted Double Sided Cookie Board (Side A)

Hand-crafted Double Sided Cookie Board (Side B)

Hand-crafted Single Side Cookie Board

Very Large European Hand-crafted Figural Cake Board

Krauss Pewter Santa Claus Ice Cream Mold

Pewter Christmas Stocking Ice Cream Mold

Pewter 3-Part Flower Ice Cream Mold (Epplesheimer)

Pewter 2-Part Lily Ice Cream Mold

Schall 3 1/2 Pint Pewter Banquet Size Ice Cream Mold

Pewter George Washington & Hatched Ice Cream Mold (Epplesheimer)

Pewter Stork & Baby Ice Cream Mold (Epplesheimer)

Pewter Rotary Club Ice Cream Mold

Pewter Epplesheimer Fruit Ice Cream Molds

Epplesheimer Pewter Ice Cream Molds

Pewter Vegetable Form Ice Cream Molds

Collection of Vintage Figural Cookie Cutters

Collection of Vintage Cookie and Biscuit Cutters

Wooden Oven Paddle

Royal Doulton Candle Holder

Bullard & Sons Stoneware Ginger Beer Bottle

Jewel 1# Baking Powder Tin

19th Century Food Mold w/Floral Motif

Pair of Chocolate Molds

Very Large 2-Piece Pewter Egg-shaped Ice Cream Mold

Pewter Duck Food Mold

Pewter Ice Cream Molds

Cast Iron Pig Food Mold

#8 Cast Iron Campfire Bean Pot w/Original Wire Bail

Iron Pot Deep Fryer w/Wire Mesh Basket (Marked WH & Co)

Iron Pot Deep Fryer w/Wire Mesh Basket (Marked WH & Co)

Pewter & Painted Enamel Coffee Pot w/Berry Motif

Graniteware Coffee Pot w/Berry Motif

Pewter & Painted Enamel Coffee Pot w/Heron Motif

Roseville Pitcher w/Cow

Indurated Fiber Pitcher

Very Large Copper Milk Pail w/Iron Bail and Original Lid

19th Century Copper Tea Kettle

19th Century Copper Tea Kettle

Wagner “0” Size Tea Kettle


Swirl Pottery Bowl

19th Century Crock w/Cobalt Decoration

Pottery Jug w/Applied Handle

Hand-hewn Stone Bowl


“Spray” Blue & White Pottery Trivet

Crockery Mixing Bowl

Hand-forged Fireplace Trammel

19th Century Brass Chestnut Roaster

Wood Handle Brass Trivet

Brass Fireplace Trivet

19th Century Brass Top Cast Iron Fireplace Footman

Brass Swing Arm Fireplace Crane

English Coal Hod w/ Removable Coal Pail

Table-mount Iron Nutcracker

Tin Food Canister

Sheet Metal Food Cabinet

Cast Iron Trivet

19th Century Small Framed Slate Chalk Board

19th Century (walnut, maple, pine) Yarn Winder Multi-wood

Walnut Folding Standing Bootjack

Small Lingerie Washboard

Formed Sheet Metal Spice Box w/Spice Tins Inside


19th Century Brass Pan w/Forged Iron Handle

One of a Pair of Forged Iron Hanging Candle Holders


19th Century Hand-made Coverlet & Maple Quilt Rack

Galvanize Metal Bushel Basket

Large Pewter Charger Dated 1758

One of Several Pressed Metal Embossed Chargers Available

19th Century Pewter Plate

19th Century Brass Scoop

Tennessee Potter Churn w/Original Dasher

Pair of Cast Iron Stool Supports

One of Several Available Cast Iron “Snow Birds

Stone Warmer

19th Century Pine Bucket Bench – SOLD

Pewter & Painted Enamel Coffee Pot w/Heron Motif SOLD

Early Wooden Cutting Board – SOLD

Large Maple Chopping Block on Turned Legs – SOLD

One of a Pair of Copper Pots w/Dovetailed Construction – SOLD

Blue Graniteware Pail – SOLD

Large Hand-hewn Wooden Bowl – SOLD

Roseville “Iris” Pitcher – SOLD

Wooden Bowls & Scoop

Wooden Bowls & Scoop – SOLD

19th Century Cutlery┬áTray – SOLD

Large French Inside Glazed Pottery Mixing Bowl – SOLD

Array of Stone Fruit – SOLD

Very Large Hand-hewn Wooden Bowl – SOLD

Brass Spice Grinder – SOLD

19th Century French Scissor-action Wall Mount Hat Rack – SOLD

Hand-crafted Hornbeam Wooden Barrel – SOLD

Pair of Maastricht Bowls – SOLD

19th Century Missouri Walnut Pie Cabinet – SOLD

Folk Art Table w/COY Name in the Lower Shelf – SOLD

Pair of Punched Tin Pie Safe Doors – SOLD

Large Pine Breadboard – SOLD

3 19th Century Pewter Chargers – SOLD

French Tole Foot Bath – SOLD